TAS Public Holidays

Look up public holidays TAS 2024 and plan your year ahead. Included here are schools terms and school holidays for 2024 and 2025. Your one stop page you need to work out your holiday plan.





New Year's Day

Mon, 1st January


Wed, 1st January


Devonport Cup

Wed, 10th January


Wed, 8th January


Australia Day

Fri, 26th January


Mon, 27th January


Royal Hobart Regatta

Mon, 12th February


Mon, 10th February


Launceston Cup

Wed, 28th February


Wed, 26th February


King Island Show

Tue, 5th March


Tue, 4th March


Eight Hours Day

Mon, 11th March


Mon, 10th March


Good Friday

Fri, 29th March

Fri, 18th April

Easter Monday

Mon, 1st April

Mon, 21st April

Eastery Tuesday (generally Tasmanian Public Service only)

Tue, 2nd April

Tue, 22nd April

Anzac Day

Thu, 25th April

Fri, 25th April


Fri, 3rd May


Fri, 2nd May


King's Birthday

Mon, 10th June

Mon, 9th June

Burnie Show

Fri, 4th October

Fri, 3rd October

Royal Launceston Show

Thu, 10th October


Thu, 9th October


Flinders Island Show

Fri, 18th October


Fri, 17th October


Royal Hobart Show

Thu, 24th October


Thu, 23rd October


Recreation Day

Mon, 4th November


Mon, 3rd November


Devonport Show

Fri, 29th November


Fri, 28th November


Christmas Day

Wed, 25th December

Thu, 25th December

Boxing Day

Thu, 26th December

Fri, 26th December

All public holiday dates are accurate at the time of publishing and may be subject to change. Public holiday dates obtained from Western Australia Government website.

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School Terms



Term 1

School Holidays

Thu 8th Feb – Thur 11 Apr
Fri 12 Apr – Sun 28 Apr

Term 2

School Holidays

Mon 29 Apr – Fri 5 Jul
Mon 29 Apr – Fri 5 Jul

Term 3

School Holidays

Tue 23 Jul – Fri 27 Sep
Sat 28 Sep – Sun 13 Oct

Term 4

School Holidays

Mon 14 Oct – Thu 19 Dec 
Sat 20 Dec – To be confirmed