Our Data

Our mission at My Choice Schools has always been to show data in an accurate and transparent way. We believe this to be the right of a parent regardless of where they live or how much money they make. Our school profiles provide parents with the information they need to make well-informed and insightful decisions on their child’s education. 

We strive to work with state and government agencies to provide a more-in-depth representation of schools and improve the accuracy of our data.Data transparency allows parents and schools to know where there’s room for improvement and which school would best suit their child’s needs.

Our data is sourced from three main publicly available data sets:

  1. State and federal government records including the department of education and state assessment.
  2. Public websites, school reports and board publications.
  3. Publicly and internally recorded surveys

We seek to keep our data updated as much as possible and often run tests on the validity of our data against publicly available data. However, we also understand that with all data it may be subject to being outdated, misrepresented or simply incorrect. We constantly strive to improve our data collection, interpretation of data and our updating process. If you have any specific questions or feedback please contact us.