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Why is Learning English Important?

While multiple languages are taught and spoken at a high level in many Australian cities, English is the primary mode of communication, instruction and administration across the country.

As a matter of fact, English is a compulsory subject in all primary and high schools in Australia. Likewise, it’s an eligibility requirement for getting an ATAR, which is essential for university admissions.

Even when students don’t go for tertiary education, good English skills remain essential for day-to-day activities and as a standard qualification for employment.

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Common Problems of Learning English Incorrectly:

Learning English literature and language with lacking or incorrect foundations can bring various difficulties and setbacks. Perhaps, worse, it can lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretation.

On that note, here are the most common issues that may arise from not having enough understanding of the English language and its concepts.

Poor Vocabulary

Limited vocabulary can slow down a child’s progress in many ways.

For example, it can hamper one’s ability to express themselves or understand what others say in various contexts. It can also lead to a lack of confidence, which affects effective communication and engagement.

In academics, poor vocabulary can make standard tasks such as reading and essay writing seem daunting for primary school students.

If English lessons are not enough or if a student is struggling to focus, parents can seek the guidance of an online English tutor to make learning the English language more fun and immediately impactful.

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Mispronouncing or Misspelling Words

Learning English is riddled with some fairly difficult aspects and one of them is spelling.

Spelling tends to be most difficult for young learners, although challenges can also reach secondary school if the foundations aren’t that strong for the student.

Pronunciation is another area that strains even those who are native English speakers, particularly if the individual’s vocabulary isn’t diverse enough.

If that’s the case, then aside from practicing and expanding your vocabulary, you can build confidence in your pronunciation and spelling by committing to the services of private English tutors. Alternatively, online resources should give you a head start if you’re simply looking for a supplementary learning path.

Poor Grammar

Grammar is many things: syntax, speech, punctuation and sentence structure to name a few. But the crux of the matter is that grammatical errors foster unclear and inefficient communication.

It takes out or misattributes nuances in speech and writing, which can create misunderstandings and inappropriate interactions. As a result, English tutors are often hired to fix the grammar of students who struggle to keep pace with their standard academic lectures.

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Benefits of English Tutoring

While an English teacher and the revamped Australian curriculum are generally successful in teaching English at a high level, advanced students can still benefit from having a private English tutor if they are truly up for mastering English.

Improve Communication Skills

An online tutor can help polish the communication skills of students through focused discussions, feedback and analysis of complex English texts and concepts.

Both traditional private tutoring and online tutoring are great for primary school level and secondary students who are looking for an auxiliary-like learning platform to accelerate academic studies, though the latter should be more convenient and practical.

Stimulate an Interest in English

Private online English tutors may use learning techniques that are not common in a classroom setting but are nonetheless effective and engaging. Online English lessons, for one, have access to interactive digital platforms and tools that some students may be more receptive to.

Additionally, online private lessons can help non-native English speakers navigate their way around the intimidation they feel when learning the language for the first time.

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Widen Employment Prospects

Private English lessons can open a world of opportunities for anyone looking to enter the workforce.

Aside from a unit of English being required to get an ATAR, the language is simply essential to the day-to-day of most jobs. Mastery of English can in fact determine just how high the ceiling of an individual can be in jobs where communicating, writing or reading in English is paramount.

Opportunities to Study Abroad

Even outside of Australia, English remains the most sought-after language preferred by most employers.

Business English, for example, is essential for anyone who is looking to work in a global brand. Likewise, a strong command of the English language is invaluable in print and related jobs in creative writing or persuasive writing.

Aside from online tutors, learners can do self-study through online courses or by joining group tutoring sessions for a more cost-effective shared learning experience. Group tutoring is typically facilitated by an experienced online English teacher who oversees a small group of students who share a similar level of English proficiency.

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Finding the Right Private Tutor

Online English teachers can help accelerate language learning with a wonderful mix of modern and traditional methods. However, finding the right English tutor for the job can be a tall task on its own. For that, we advise taking the time to establish your priorities and specific goals first.

Do you need help with a particular aspect of grammar? How about writing skills? Do you only need tutoring sessions for an upcoming assessment or is it long-term? Once you’ve settled in on the main purpose and objective of tutoring, you can start your search by seeking recommendations from families and friends.

If you’re unable to find private tutors via peer evaluation, then you can expand your search through online tutoring platforms and websites that connect families with private tutors in Australia. These websites typically streamline qualifications and credentials on your behalf in order to help you make an informed choice about your children’s future quickly and more reliably.