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About Us

Parents Deserve Quality Information

Searching for the best school is difficult. Parents and students deserve to have access to information that can help them make an informed decision about their future education.

We at My Choice Schools understand this struggle. We want families in your community to be able to choose a school based on more than just academics alone – they need factors like safety or student engagement when looking for a well-rounded experience!

Join our mission by leaving reviews of local schools or asking questions anonymously with other parents who are similarly struggling.

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Parenting Blog

Latest Parenting Resources

We provide parents with the latest information, tips and resources to help you be the best parent possible. Our blog touches on topics including education research as well as parenting advice; we also have worksheets for your child’s learning!

We’re here to make sure that all of our readers are able get quality insights into their lives through articles about everything from “The Latest Research in Education” to how they can better raise their children.