Corinda State High School

Corinda, 31000, QLD
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About the School


Corinda State High School is a secondary school in Corinda, 4075 QLD. The public school has 2002 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 1 to 14.


Academic Proficiency

OP 1-5 Students: #17

Relative Performance

Relative performance ranking is a quantitative analysis of the correlation between academic results and student equity. Schools which perform well academically despite coming from economically disadvantaged communities perform well in this criteria.

Students at this school are performing at or above average for the state compared to schools with similar socio-economic backgrounds. This school is doing a great job of providing an equal opportunity to all students.  This could be a sign that this school is supporting its students compared to other schools with similar students.

Student Progress

Students at this school could be making better progress from year-to-year when it comes to academic results. This shows how effective a school is at supporting students academic growth compared to other schools.

Students and Teachers


Total Enrolments: 2002
Male-Female Ratio: 0.92:1
Indigenous Enrolments: 2%
Total Economically Disadvantaged: 23%
Student Gender Distribution

Teachers and Staff

Student-Teacher Ratio

Total No. of Teachers: 143
Students Per Non-Teacher: 46:1
Students-Teacher Ratio: 14:1



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