25 Benefits of one-on-one Tutoring

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One-on-one tutoring can provide many benefits to students both in and out of a classroom environment. Setting up a dedicated time to revise and catch-up on classroom work in a one-on-one tutoring environment helps students gain the confidence they need to succeed.

What’s more, tutoring can help bridge any learning gaps a student may have in the classroom, which may otherwise cause students to get left behind. Tutoring also allows students to ask any ‘silly’ questions they may have wanted to ask in the classroom that day but were too shy to do so in front of their classmates. 

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Benefits of one-on-one tutoring

25 Valuable Benefits of one-on-one Tutoring


Promotes self-esteem and Confidence:

One of the benefits of tutoring is that it helps students learn it is okay to ask teachers for help and to get help from others. Students gain a sense of confidence when they are prepared and know the class material when in the past they may have previously fallen behind other students.


Tutoring can offer a form of convenience to students particularly online tutoring which can be offered from the comfort of their own home. Online tutoring can help reduce distractions and help students feel at ease while in their own homes. We partnered with Cluey Learning, which is Australia’s leader in online tutoring. Cluey is kindly offering 20% off online tutoring sessions for a limited time only to readers of the blog. Click here to submit an inquiry.

Helps Reduces pre-exam jitters:

All students have had some form of anxiety before an exam. However, one-on-one tutoring can be very beneficial in helping students to prepare for exams helping them reduce their anxiety before taking an exam.

One-on-one attention:

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring is that students get dedicated one-on-one attention to ask tutors any questions they may have had from school that day. This allows students to reaffirm anything they learned from school that day.

Improves academic performance:

One-on-one tutoring can help students develop the skills they need to improve their academic performance in the classroom environment.

Tutor identifies gaps in learning:

Another unique benefit, as opposed to traditional classroom learning, is that students can engage directly with tutors and tutors can identify any gaps in knowledge. Identifying these gaps in knowledge can make a world of difference particularly in an exam environment.

Tailored to Individual needs:

No student learns the same way. Unfortunately, schools don’t always tailor to each student’s individual needs. Thankfully in a one-on-one teaching environment, a tutor can tailor the lesson directly to a student’s needs.

Improve school grades:

One study found that while every student is different, students who receive one-on-one tutoring make up five months’ worth of extra progress over a school year.

Form of mentoring:

For many students, a tutor can be a form of a mentor that encourages students to succeed and can be very rewarding for both the student and the tutor.

Teaches good study habits:

A tutor can help a student to get into a better routine when it comes to learning that they may not be able to do themselves.


Students have the freedom to learn at their pace and at their own timing. Online tutoring also allows students to study from the comfort of their home.

Encourages high-level thinking:

Students engage in high-level thinking when they are asked to explore, question, probe new ideas, seek clarity. These skills are all fundamental to a one-on-one tutoring environment.

Immediate Feedback:

Research studies conclude that providing feedback to students immediately is more effective in the learning environment than days or weeks later.

Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning:

In one-on-one tutorials, students have the freedom to direct the pace of their learning. This can help students who are falling behind in class learn at their own pace.

Helps gifted and talented students to excel:

Gifted and talented students need constant stimulation in a classroom environment to help challenge their inquisitive minds. One-on-one tutoring can help encourage gifted and talented students to tackle the more changeling aspects of the curriculum.

Eliminates classroom distractions:

Classrooms are filled with distractions. Friends, iPads, computers to name a few. Tutoring eliminates all these distractions while keeping lesson time to a minimum.

Allows students to ask ‘silly’ questions:

Ever had that ‘silly’ question that you were too afraid to ask in front of your friends at school? Having a trusted and relatable tutor for your student can help them build the confidence to ask those ‘silly’ questions they may have been too afraid to say in front of the class.

Develops critical thinking:

Allowing a student to grasp critical thinking skills is vital to any learner. Critical thinking ensures students have a deep understanding of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ we learn. This in turn translates to better grades and a better understanding of complex ideas.

Increases motivation to succeed:

An effective tutor can be the difference in helping a student gain the fire they need to want to succeed in school.

Keeps students accountable:

Seeing a regular tutor can help to keep a student more accountable for their school work. Tutors may regularly check to see what a child had learned today or if they were able to complete their homework.

Encourages greater persistence:

A tutor can help a student to learn the value of persistence. They may learn the importance of never giving up and see the results that come as a result of their persistent efforts.

Helps students overcome learning obstacles and barriers:

One of the greatest things tutors can help students with is to overcome any learning obstacles or barriers to their learning. Any teacher or tutor knows that those ‘aha’ moments made all that late nights’ marking worth it.

Comfortable and low-pressure environment:

For many students tutoring online from the comfort of a child’s own home can help reduce the stress and anxiety from a classroom environment.

Improves social skills:

Another benefit of one-on-one tutoring is that students are able to improve their social skills by talking one-on-one to an adult they may have never met before. These skills can also translate to a classroom environment and a child may feel more comfortable asking a teacher for help.

Tutoring helps prepare your students for future learning:

The last benefit of tutoring is that it helps to prepare students to take action when it comes to future learning. There will be many more times students need an explanation and a student who is more accustomed to the tutoring process and be more comfortable when asking for help. 

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