Best Primary Schools in Perth: A Guide to Excellence

Best Primary Schools in Perth
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It’s no coincidence that the largest city in the country is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world. For students and families, this means studying in Perth can be the beginning of a meaningful path to developing global citizenship and a strong cultural and social awareness.

On more grounded terms, this also signals a welcoming and vibrant school community that can make for a promising early learning environment. On that note, allow us to give you a more pronounced overview of the top schools in Perth when it comes to primary education.

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Nedlands Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Nedlands Primary SchoolNedlands aims to provide every student with the opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically to their full potential. This approach is rooted in their “Experience the Opportunities” philosophy and reflected in the school’s expansive curriculum that includes STEM, French (Years 3 to 6)  and digital literacy along with other core programs in the Western Australian Curriculum. Nedlands Primary School is also known for its exemplary extracurricular programs in music such as the school choir (Years 4 to 6) and orchestra. Students from Years 5 and 6 also receive invites to join the school’s Instrumental Music Program.


Hollywood Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Hollywood Primary SchoolHollywood is an independent public school acknowledged for its strong academic performances in NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy) and ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) by the University of New South Wales. The school also boasts its commitment in promoting a healthy lifestyle among its students through its dynamic sporting programs and school facilities, which includes a 25-metre swimming pool. The institution uses a modified Australian curriculum to better suit the teachers and students in Western Australia. Additionally, Hollywood Primary School offers specialist programs in French, music, physical education, science and technology.

Oberthur Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Oberthur Primary SchoolOberthur was established in 1979 in the coveted Bull Creek suburb. The school boasts its data-driven teaching methods and “Visible Learning” approach  in the classroom. This means students are encouraged to play a more active role in their learning progression. Oberthur Primary School is also regarded for its Chinese Immersion Program from Pre-primary to Year 6, where Science and Geometry are taught in Mandarin. Along with this, the institution offers specialist studies in physical education and music, as well as integration of digital technologies in all classrooms.


Rosalie Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Rosalie Primary SchoolRosalie Primary School mainly serves the Shenton Park community and the greater Perth CBD. Aside from its rich history, the school is acknowledged for its specialist educators in visual arts, music, drama, physical education and French. Overall, the independent public school provides a balanced and broad early education curriculum that is founded on rigorous literacy and numeracy programs. Meanwhile, additional focus is also given on arts, STEM and physical education.


Kapinara Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Kapinara Primary SchoolKapinara is recognized for its impeccable programs in visual arts, physical education, music and Japanese studies. The school also champions the importance of positive health and wellbeing among students, as well as the continuous development of personal skills alongside the pursuit of academic excellence. Outside of its core studies, Kapinara Primary School nurtures optional learning opportunities for students through its swimming club, running club and other dynamic after-school activities.


Floreat Park Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Floreat Park Primary SchoolFloreat Park Primary School has a proud sporting history, especially in faction sports like basketball and tennis. Meanwhile, aside from interschool competitions, students can hone their skills through the Floreat choir, orchestra and band. There is also a specialist program in Instrumental Music (Years 3 to 5), visual arts, Italian, STEM and physical education. On balance, Floreat follows the Western Australian (WA) Curriculum and Assessment Outline for Kindergarten up to Year 6.


Wembley Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Wembley Primary SchoolWembley Primary School curriculum is underpinned by its core values of respect, empathy and service. This approach is also mirrored in the school’s expansive extracurricular opportunities that aim to provide students with successful and meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. Some of the extracurricular programs available at Wembley are public speaking competitions, fun runs, triathlon, STEM and a variety of sports.


St Paul’s Primary School (Mount Lawley)

Best Primary Schools in Perth_St Paul’s Primary School (Mount Lawley)St Paul’s Primary School in Mount Lawley hopes to provide a welcoming and caring community to every student. The school is also notably committed to a Christ-centred educational system, inspired by the vision of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and the teachings of St Paul. Curriculum-wise, the institution offers a well-rounded curriculum that is enhanced by specialist programs in visual arts, science, music, physical education and Italian.


Victoria Park Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Victoria Park Primary SchoolVictoria Park Primary School is most proud of its multicultural community and the early childhood teaching block and facilities across the institution. The school runs the Western Australian Curriculum alongside specialist programs on music and IMS, physical education, literature, digital technologies and other excellent time-tested selections. Additionally, Victoria Park supports distance learning programs as part of its efforts to develop positive learning behaviour among its students.


Dalkeith Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Dalkeith Primary SchoolDalkeith Primary School’s learning system is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Western Australian Curriculum. Further, Dalkeith supports a positive behaviour and wellbeing program, intervention program and PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) program to give students more opportunities to learn with their peers or individually. The school is also recognised for its choir and orchestra as well as for its specialist programs in arts,  Japanese, music, science and physical education.


International School of Western Australia, City Beach

Best Primary Schools in Perth_International School of Western Australia, City BeachInternational School of Western Australia is an International Baccalaureate School that offers quality education from Kindergarten to Year 12. Thus, primary education in ISWA is based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), which is a learner-centred and inquiry-based system that has a strong early emphasis on numeracy and literacy. The curriculum also supports learning areas in social studies, languages (English and LOTE), mathematics, arts, science and personal, social and physical education.


Chrysalis Montessori School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Chrysalis Montessori SchoolChrysalis Montessori School uses the multi-age classroom concept, where students stay with the same teacher for two to three years. Meanwhile, the school uses its own Australian Montessori Curriculum, which is based on the Western Australian and the Australian national curriculum. In addition, Chrysalis boasts a couple of unique early years programs: the Montessori Playgroup (for children aged 18 months to 3 years) and Children’s House (children aged 3 to 6 years). The latter is focused on creating an environment for children to learn naturally and spontaneously. Meanwhile, the latter is aimed to help orient children on their physical environment and their relationship to the social world.


Caladenia Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Caladenia Primary SchoolCaladenia Primary School looks to foster strong and sustainable relationships among its students and their community in order to help the children grow into self-regulating students and adults. The school largely follows the Australian national curriculum tinkered to the specific needs of Caladenia students and teachers. With this in effect, the primary school offers programs in English, mathematics, science, history and social studies, arts, technology, physical education, languages and other selected learning areas for special studies.


Como Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Como Primary SchoolComo Primary School follows the Western Australian Curriculum, which is then refined according to the school’s own planning and support guide. Further, Como’s approach is synonymous with the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard, which sees them combine explicit instruction, play-based learning, and targeted intervention and support in their teaching methods. On top of the core studies, the school also offers specialist programs in music, visual arts, French, physical education and other project-based learning programs for advanced learners.


Bull Creek Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Bull Creek Primary SchoolBull Creek Primary School is acknowledged for its established specialist Instrumental Music Programs and specialist teachers in the areas of science, music, digital technology, physical education, visual arts and German. The school uses its own Bull Creek Primary School Instructional Framework where understanding the and application is given weighted focus in order to improve learning habits, skills and knowledge retention. Additionally, Bull Creek champions the importance and the role that student health and wellbeing plays in developing positive behaviour and increased participation across the campus.


Christ Church Grammar School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Christ Church Grammar SchoolChrist Church Grammar School for boys is constantly recognized for its academic performance and unique outdoor programs. The schools’ teaching methods are predicated by the research-based Christ Church Pedagogy where feedback, constant improvement and individualism are considered as key pillars. Outside of academics, Christ Church students can find their own learning opportunities in the sports club, art club, book club, chess club and other in-school activities such as Chinese board games and spectacular science. From Year 4 onwards, students are immersed into sports and outdoor education to further nurture their collaborative spirit, environmental awareness and self-reliance and initiative.


Churchlands Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Churchlands Primary SchoolChurchlands Primary School is often noted for its vibrant specialist arts program that includes music, visual arts and drama. CPS also boasts an integrated environmental program which includes the ‘9R-Shed’; an outdoor learning area where recycling and sustainability is practised through vegetable gardens, worm farms, composting, bush tucker and a frog habitat. For the school environment, Churchlands boasts a full suite of air-conditioned and computer-networked classrooms that are primed for learning and digital technology integration. The school also sports an active schoolground with multi-purpose hard courts, shaded areas, playgrounds and an oval.


John XXIII College, Mount Claremont

Best Primary Schools in Perth_John XXIII College, Mount ClaremontJohn XXIII College at Mount Claremont is a Catholic, co-educational and independent school for Kindergarten to Year 12. The school’s primary education focuses on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in all aspects; academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Notably, the entire religious education program follows the guidelines set for the Archdiocese of Perth. This includes learning areas such as mathematics, English, arts, humanities and social sciences, technology and enterprise. Specialist teachers are also on-hand for music, physical education, ICT (Information Communication Technology), art, library skills and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) throughout the Primary School.


North Cottesloe Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_North Cottesloe Primary SchoolNorth Cottesloe embraces 4 key values that are integral to its school community and identity: excellence, respect, care and integrity. When it comes to its curriculum, the school adheres to the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline. Formal schooling is then supplemented by meaningful excursions and incursions to stimulate learning from various perspectives. Aside from the 8 learning areas from the standard curriculum, North Cottesloe supports specialist programs in health and physical education, ICT, visual arts, performing arts and Japanese language and culture.


Shelley Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Shelley Primary SchoolShelley is an independent primary school known to provide strong foundations in literacy, STEAM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Art and Maths) and HASS (History and the Social Sciences). All school teachers follow the Western Australian Curriculum in the four areas of English, Mathematics, Science and HASS, while specialists cover the areas of visual arts and music, physical education, German and design and technology.


Rostrata Primary School

Best Primary Schools in Perth_Rostrata Primary SchoolRostrata Primary School promotes its C.A.R.E. (Cooperation, Achievement, Respect and Endeavour) motto through its dynamic curriculum, extracurricular learning opportunities and extensive leadership programs. Sustainability is also a big part of the school’s culture, especially for students from Years 4 to 6  who are being taught to grow their own food and given an opportunity to work with a specialist teacher in cooking. Rostrata also has its own commendable specialist arts program; particularly in music, instrumentals, bands and ensembles and choir.


Find the Best Primary School in Perth That Suits Your Child

Perth is regarded as Australia’s “Education City” in no small part due to its renowned colleges and universities. Thus, you’ll have no shortage of options when choosing where to enrol your child.

Perth primary schools typically operate under the Western Australian curriculum, which encompasses ACARA’s Australian curriculum in English, Mathematics, and Science. In many ways, it’s the same framework, except that the latter is contextualised to make it more suitable for Western Australian students and teachers.

In the grand scheme of things, this is all but another factor in determining your child’s new school. But if we’re being frank, Perth is one of the best places to study at any level due to the city’s reputation for offering world-class education, dynamic economy, diverse culture and global accessibility.

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